Upskilling Your Existing Employees


Upskilling is a fantastic opportunity to provide training for your existing employees to further their skills and knowledge in their chosen industry which will provide them with advanced capabilities.

Many businesses have a set plan on where they would like to be in the next few years, however, they may not acquire the skills that align with their business plan. This is where the upskilling process thrives! We can provide your staff with the opportunity to learn new skills while providing additional training, mentoring, or peer coaching.
There are various benefits of upskilling your employees;

It provides them with a sense of satisfaction and retention:

As a business, you are providing the opportunity for your current staff to develop their skills sets. This is essential as it can overall improve their productivity in the workplace.

Statistics have indicated that a shocking 70% of employees display a “high retention risk”, this is due to employees wanting to leave the business as they do not see any chance of future advancement in their job role. It is essential that the employee feels valued and appreciated. Upskilling is an amazing way to show employees that you are passionate about their progress and growth within their company.

Allows you to provide a better-quality service:

Although focusing on employee satisfaction is crucial, client satisfaction is equally as important. Upskilling allows businesses to diversify their services. Proving good customer service will have an beneficial impact on the business, as it encourages repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

The business industry is constantly changing; therefore, client demand is also changing! With new technologies emerging and relentless competition, it is our job as a business to adapt! Upskilling can provide your business with the tools to keep up to pace with an ever-changing industry.

With upskilling you are guaranteed regular training, this can contribute to new skills to your organisation. This will allow your business to offer exceptional new services, providing you with a competitive edge.

Low risk for employers:

Upskilling is a low-risk and cost-effective way to increase productivity within the company. Companies will be funded by the levy or Government funding.

If your business does not pay Levy (If its annual payroll is less than 3 million), this is even more of a reason to upskill your staff as the Government will pay for 95% of the costs. This means you will only have to pay 5% of the apprenticeship cost. This is managed easily and effectively through an online service.

The Government asked large businesses to pay the apprenticeship Levy. The purpose of this is because the government wants to encourage larger businesses to employ and train apprentices. The levy also generates funds to subsidise the cost of apprenticeship training for smaller businesses.
Upskilling is equally as beneficial to the apprentice as they will achieve a nationally recognised qualification at the end of the course, they will also gain advanced knowledge, as technology develops, and trends change.

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