Apprenticeship Programmes

Next Step Apprenticeships offers a large portfolio of programmes to suit the needs of all variety of businesses and candidates. As mentioned above, developing staff not only ensures the continued and future success of your business, but has been shown to increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover, demonstrating the value that these services can add to your business in the immediate and long-term.

Types of apprentice programmes

Accounting Level 2 and Level 3
Accounts/Finance Assistant Standard (Level 2 Apprenticeship)

The role of an Accounts/Finance Assistant is an integral part of the team responsible for maintaining an efficient and accurate finance function within a business. The Accounts/Finance Assistant is responsible for assisting the team of accountants with junior accounting duties. These can vary massively depending on the team structure and size of business. An Accounts/Finance Assistant’s work could include basic bookkeeping activities, working with sales and purchase ledgers, running calculations to ensure that records and payments are correct, recording of cash and data entry. Accounts/Finance Assistants can work in almost any sector.
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Assistant Account Standard (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

The role of an Assistant Accountant provides support to internal and external customers and will work predominately either as an assistant accountant within practice or alternatively within the finance function of an organisation. Part of their role will involve assisting in the day to day financial activities such as data entry to month end management accounts and/or year-end financial statements. In addition, the Assistant Accountant may find themselves involved in regulatory financial requirements such as the completion of VAT returns or assisting in the preparation of tax computations.
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Business Administration Level 3
Business Administrator (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

This apprenticeship provides bespoke Business Administration training, assisting learners who work in business administration relevant positions such as Personal Assistant, Office Executive or Office Supervisor.
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Customer Service Level 2 and Level 3
Customer Service Practitioner (Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship)

The role of a Customer Service Practitioner is to deliver high quality products and services to the customers of their organisation, with their actions influencing the customer experience and the satisfaction of the organisation. This apprenticeship develops the excellent customer service skills and behaviours required of this position, including the face-to-face, telephone, and digital correspondence required to deliver and promote company customer service standards.
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Customer Service Specialist (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

The main purpose of a Customer Service Specialist is to be a professional for direct customer support, in a variety of sector and organisation types. People employed in this role are an advocate of customer service, who act as a point of referral for complex or technical customer requests, queries and ongoing customer problems. This programme helps to develop the necessary skills required to be a point of escalation for those complex customer requests, alongside organisational and generic IT systems technologies that allow this to be completed successfully.
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Digital Marketing Level 3
Digital Marketing (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

This apprenticeship is designed for individuals working within the digital marketing sector, assisting in the development of their skills with regard to the creation and development of digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms.
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Early Years Educator Level 2 and Level 3
Early Years Practitioner (Level 2)

Early Years Practitioners will be responsible for supporting child initiated and adult led activities based around the needs and interests of each individual child, supporting children’s learning through planned, purposeful play opportunities and educational programmes and working as part of a team to ensure each child feels safe and secure. An EYP will also support the observation and assessment of each child and contribute to their learning experiences and assist with the care needs of the individual child such as teeth, skin, hair, feeding, changing nappies and toileting under direction of a more senior member of the team. They will also work in partnerships with other colleagues, parents and/or carers or other professionals, with support from a more senior member of the team, to meet the individual needs of each child. They will also have a responsibility for ensuring that they recognise when a child is in danger and/or at risk of serious harm or abuse and contributing to the health and safety of the children, staff and others on the premises.
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Early Years Educator (Level 3)

Early Years Educators, and other job roles such as nursery nurse and childminders, who are highly trained professionals who play a key role in ensuring that young children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. They work in a range of settings including full day care, children’s centres, pre- schools, reception classes and as childminders. They may either be working on their own or supervising others to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements set by Government for the learning, development and care of children from birth to 5 years old.
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Hospitality Appreticeships Level 2 and Level 3
Hospitality Team Member (Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship)

A Hospitality Team Member can work in a range of establishments, with the role varying dependent on the venue or business that they operate within. As a result, people in this position area required to be adaptable and able to support team members across the business. This programme helps to develop the fantastic hospitality skills and customer service required to ensure that every customer feels welcomed and well looked after.
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Hospitality Supervisor (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

Much like team members, Hospitality Supervisors work across a variety of businesses, including bars, restaurants, cafes, conference centres, banqueting venues, hotels or contract caterers. Providing support to management teams these individuals are capable of independently running hospitality services and shifts. This apprenticeship assists the development of the skills required to do this successfully, including the ability to work under pressure and across multiple functions and specialities.
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Human Resources Level 3
HR Support Standard Apprenticeship (Level 3)

HR Professionals in this role are typically either working in a medium to large organisation as part of the HR function delivering front line support to managers and employees, or are a HR Manager in a small organisation. Their work is likely to include handling day to day queries and providing HR advice; working on a range of HR processes, ranging from transactional to relatively complex, from recruitment through to retirement; using HR systems to keep records; providing relevant HR information to the business; working with the business on HR changes. They will typically be taking ownership for providing advice to managers on a wide range of HR issues using company policy and current law, giving guidance that is compliant and where errors could expose the organisation to employment tribunals or legal risk. In a larger organisation they may also have responsibility for managing a small team – this aspect is outside the scope of this apprenticeship and will need to be covered separately by the employer..
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Information Communications Technician Level 3
Information Communications Technician (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

An Information Communications Technician makes their contribution through the application of infrastructure management tools to automate the provisioning, testing, deployment and monitoring of infrastructure components.

An Information Communications Technician (ICT) provides support to internal and/or external customers, by using tools or systems to problem solve and trouble-shoot routine and non-routine problems. This occupation supports clients/customers with their systems. They achieve this through monitoring and maintaining the systems and/or platforms to maximise productivity and user experience.

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Learning and Development Level 3 and Level 5
Learning and Development Practitioner (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

Learning and Development Practitioners are typically involved with identifying the learning and training needs of their organisation, and subsequently, the designing, delivering and evaluation of training. Apprentices on this programme will develop these skills, with additional focus being given to enhancing the expertise and competence of their field, allowing them to confidently design effective training, both in the immediate and with an eye to the long-term success of their organisation.
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Learning and Development Consultant (Level 5)

A Learning and Development Consultant is accountable for ensuring that the learning and development activities within their business contributes to improved performance in the workplace, at an individual and organisational level. This training programme is designed to develop this strategic focus, in addition to reinforcing the skills required to continue to design effective learning and development facilities for their business in the future. This may be specialist or more generalist in nature, dependent on the nature of the role that the learner occupies.
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Management Level 3 and Level 5
Team Leader/Supervisor (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

This programme is for Team Leaders/Supervisors with a first line management position, assisting to develop the skills required to successfully manage operational responsibilities and management tasks. This includes supporting, managing and developing team members, monitoring workloads and resources, and other operational and problem solving tasks.
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Operations/Departmental Manager (Level 5)

This apprenticeship is for someone who manages teams and/or projects. These employees will be responsible for creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, and leading and managing teams. This programme will assist to develop these individuals in the skills required to successfully manage and develop team members, projects and operational plans, as well as building relationships internally and externally.
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Marketing Level 4
Marketing Executive (Level 4)

A Marketing Executive will help shape, support, and deliver marketing plans, working in conjunction with the Marketing Manager who will define the overall marketing strategy. A highly audience focused role which requires creativity, communication, and project management skills – these individuals are responsible for planning and executing tactical and targeted marketing activity.

Typical responsibilities include:
• Managing and maintaining key marketing channels, including digital, offline, and social media
• Planning and delivering tactical integrated marketing campaigns
• Managing the production and distribution of marketing materials
• Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues, suppliers (incl. agencies) and partner organisations
• Collecting and analysing research information to understand target audience behaviour and views across the market in general and the marketing mix
• Assisting in the achievement of brand positioning to agreed guidelines
• Organising and attending events such as conferences, seminars, receptions, and exhibitions.

This apprenticeship is designed to meet the requirements for registration as an Affiliate Member with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

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Recruitment Level 2 and Level 3
Recruitment Resourcer (Level 2)

A Recruitment Resourcer may be employed in any organisation that requires a recruitment function. Their role is to identify, attract and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process to fulfil the requirements of the business brief and provide resourcing support to the recruitment function. They may also be required to identify new business opportunities. Typical responsibilities for a Recruitment Resourcer are:

  1. Research, identify, attract and shortlist candidates for the recruitment process to fulfil the requirements of the business brief
  2. Identify new business opportunities through a variety of means and refer these opportunities to a recruiter
  3. Meet all procedures and carry out relevant processes to ensure industry codes of ethics and relevant legislation are adhered to

A career in recruitment as a Recruitment Resourcer can appeal to those individuals who possess an entrepreneurial outlook. It provides the opportunity for reward and high earning potential. Many opportunities arise for professional and personal development within the recruitment sector with transferable skills being respected throughout the industry as a whole.

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Recruitment Consultant (Level 3)

Predominantly employed within the recruitment sector, the recruitment consultant’s role is to identify and secure job opportunities within client organisations. They attract candidates and successfully place them in those jobs in return for a fee. A recruitment consultant may focus on the supply of flexible workers, permanent placements or a combination of both. Typical responsibilities for a recruitment consultant are:

  1. Identifying, qualifying and securing client recruitment opportunities in line with corporate and personal goals
  2. Identifying, assessing and placing suitable candidates to meet client requirements in order to achieve revenue in line with corporate and personal goals
  3. Developing and manage client / candidate relationships to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and quality standards
  4. Meeting all procedures and carrying out relevant processes to ensure industry codes of ethics and relevant legislation are adhered to

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Senior Production Chef Level 3

Senior production chefs may lead a brigade team or may support the head chef in larger establishments. They report activities to the Head chef or appropriate line manager. They supervise production chef teams in a variety of kitchen environments, for example; schools, hospitals, the Armed Forces, care homes and high street casual dining or pub kitchens. Job roles include Head chef, Second Chef, Kitchen Manager / Supervisor, Cook. Senior production chefs have accountability for the day-to-day running of the kitchen service, producing, monitoring and maintaining consistent food standards, legislative requirements and quality across all areas and during all stages of production and supply.
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Teaching Assistant Level 3
Teaching Assistant (Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship)

This programme is designed for individuals who are specialist in the role of Teaching Assistant, across the Primary, Special and Secondary education sub strands. They are responsible for supporting the class teacher and enhancing the learning experience of pupils, either in groups or individually, and successful apprentices will develop their skills in providing this service to their students. Additional focus is provided to the extracurricular development that these individuals provide, such as promoting self-belief, social inclusion and high self-esteem, ensuring that pupils thrive in positive and nurturing teaching environments.
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What People Are Saying

“I cannot recommend Angela and her team highly enough. They are simply exceptional! Over the past two months I have been working with Angela regarding a new role, the professionalism and level of customer care has been exemplary. I cannot say enough good things about them! Thank you!”

“As a recent graduate, I’m really grateful to Angela for helping me to step into the world of full-time employment. Her success goes to show in that I signed up with Clearline on Friday and by Monday had a job offer! Angela was lovely to speak to and was incredibly helpful in preparing me for my interview. I definitely recommend!”

“I would definitely recommend Clearline Recruitment. The whole process has been stress free and quick. Angela has kept me updated and you can tell she is genuine about wanting to get the right job for you. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to starting my new job”

“I’ve used Angela before for a job role in financial services and was placed in a great job that suited me perfectly. I would 100% recommend for anyone looking for a recruitment company, to use Clearline. You’ll be happy you did!”

“Super friendly and supportive staff! They were very helpful in every step into my new work from helping me apply to preparing me for the interview. Would recommend to anyone”

When Clearline got in contact with me I was at a crossroads in terms of my career. Throughout, Clearline arranged the interview and negotiations. Angela went above and beyond making sure I was making the right decision for me and gave me a huge amount of support.

James was professional and prompt with the execution of the role he had in mind for me. A great character and great knowledge of the companies he is recruiting for. Clearline have a fantastic member as part of their team and James should be acknowledged for his personable and professional approach to his role!

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