Next Step Apprenticeships is a premier provider of apprenticeship training, dedicated to delivering exceptional career opportunities for apprentices across Sussex and beyond. Our apprenticeship programmes are designed to prioritise learner experiences and cater to the unique needs of our clients.

At Next Step Apprenticeships, we understand that the most effective apprenticeship training involves a blend of face-to-face learning and skills coach-led instruction, complemented by on-the-job mentoring. This comprehensive approach not only enhances the technical skills of apprentices but also develops crucial soft skills such as confidence and communication.

We are passionate about fostering the development of local businesses through apprenticeships. By partnering with a wide range of employers, we help them build, develop, and retain a skilled workforce. Our commitment to excellence in apprenticeship training ensures that both apprentices and businesses thrive.

We specialise in providing apprenticeship training across the following industries: Business, Equine, Management, Marketing, Management, Hospitality, Childcare, and IT sectors. We are based in Brighton and work with many employers across Sussex and beyond to fast-track Apprentices’ skills and knowledge on the road to success.

Our mission is to offer promising career opportunities to the right apprentices, equipping and empowering them to kick-start and advance their careers. We believe that working as an apprentice provides the ideal opportunity to work towards essential qualifications. By being hired directly as an apprentice in your chosen industry, you will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. We firmly hold that entering your career at an apprenticeship level will yield long-term rewards, accelerating your career progress.

Business owners and employers, on the other hand, can invigorate their business by hiring an apprentice. The benefits of hiring an apprentice or up skilling your existing team include boosting productivity, developing the specific skills your business requires, and providing highly cost-effective training to achieve your company’s objectives and goals.

Next Step Apprenticeships are ready to elevate your business to the next level of success when you leverage the numerous opportunities and benefits that hiring apprentices brings. It is a win-win situation for businesses of all sizes.

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