Our mission is simple, to guide Apprentices to successfully master their training and develop the confidence needed for the overall success of employers. We have successfully equipped and empowered Apprentices over the last few years to kickstart and drive their career forwards at an accelerated pace, and it is our belief that working as an Apprentice gives candidates the perfect opportunity to work towards accredited qualifications whilst gaining invaluable on-the-job skills.
We hold firm to the fact that entering into your career industry at an Apprenticeship level, will reap the long-term reward of making progress in your career at an accelerated pace.

Business owners and employers on the other hand can ‘fire up their business’ by hiring an Apprentice. What better way could there be to give today’s aspiring youth the best opportunity to excel for their future? Not only that – there is plenty of support and financial help available from the government to do so. Advantages of hiring an Apprentice range from boosting productivity, building the exact skills you may require for your particular business, and highly cost-effective training needed to fulfil the objectives and particular goals of your company.

Next Step Apprenticeships are on standby to take your business to the next level of success when you decide to leverage the many opportunities and benefits that hiring Apprentices will have for your business. It is a win-win situation for business both large and small.

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