Apprentice of the Month October 2021


October 2021 Apprentice of the Month

Heather Iveson

Here at Next Step Apprenticeships, we understand the importance of acknowledging our apprentice’s hard work and dedication. Each month an apprentice is nominated by their skill coach, we then randomly pick a lucky winner. 

This month we receive some amazing nominations. All the apprentices nominated have demonstrated hard work and resilience. 

We are delighted to announce our October ’21 Apprentice of the Month winner is…

Heather Iveson from LCE!🎊

Nominated by Heather’s skills coach Debbie Robbins, we received amazing feedback from Debbie on how Heather has been doing in her current role. 

Debbie –

“She has secured a permanent position at LCE, despite early day barriers in her apprenticeship of being made redundant due to COVID, she found this job really quickly and they have been super impressed by her commitment and ability, including me.

She is always positive, she enjoys learning and the quality of her work has really come a long way since she started. She works hard to achieve and has lots of ambitions for her future.”

Congratulations Heather for being awarded Next Step Apprentice of The Month October 2021!👏

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