Apprentice of the Month March 2024


Recognising the Achievements of Our Apprentices at Next Step Apprenticeships

At Next Step Apprenticeships, we take great pride in celebrating our apprentices’ accomplishments. Through feedback and performance evaluations, we carefully select our “Apprentice of the Month” to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Our monthly recognition program is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Meet Richie, our March Apprentice of the Month! Richie’s Skills Coach Mike had some fantastic feedback

“I nominate Richie as Apprentice of the Month for several reasons. Richie has demonstrated consistent growth, learning, and advancement since our time together. This is particularly evident in the recent business improvement project he is spearheading. Furthermore, Richie commitment to the apprenticeship programme through his 3 weekly meetings, his greater understanding of the apprenticeship standard, and aligning his increasing work tasks to the apprenticeship. 

In addition, Richie has shown initiative in seeking out opportunities to grow and develop his skills.

I believe that recognising and celebrating excellence is important in creating a positive and motivating work environment, and I am honored to nominate Richie for this award.”

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