Covid-19 Employer Info

Next Step Apprenticeships is committed to continuing to provide the highest possible level of support to all of our apprentices and employers during this difficult time. Many of our employers have been in touch over the last few and months weeks to discuss the situation and seek our view on how we can work together to ensure our apprentices can continue their study via e learning whilst receiving full support from our Skills Coaches.

We continue to remind apprentices that they need to talk to their employer and unless otherwise told by you, they should continue to follow their existing study plan.

In order to facilitate the learning experience for all of our apprentices, we would like to remind all of our employer partners to notify us of any changes in circumstances as soon as possible so that we can provide accurate and timely assistance.

We are here to help in any way we can and our MD, Angela Potter, is happy to speak to you should you need our support


"From Day one Next Step Apprenticeships were professional, informative and organised which is what I needed when I approached the Directors to get our up-skilling project up and running."

"Next Step Apprenticeships have been fantastic, with nothing left to chance and everyone knowing what to expect next. I would highly recommend them, so much so that we have just asked them to find us another apprentice."

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