Digital Marketing Strategy


If you haven’t looked into your digital marketing strategy yet, you could be missing out.

There is no better time than now to look into hiring for digital skillsets.

During the pandemic, the need for digital marketing optimisation has not gone unnoticed. Targeting the online market is more important now than ever, as recent studies show that screen time has increased by 76% since the pandemic began.

The tech sector is always changing and evolving and recruiting for these in demand skills is becoming more and more difficult. Some organisations find it challenging since they understand how important digital channels are today in acquiring and keeping existing customers. Yet a lot of them do not have a plan to support their digital streams and further growth.

So what can we do to keep up with this demand?

Upskill your current employees.

There are many benefits of training your existing staff and using apprenticeships as professional development.

Some examples we have found from our clients include:

  • Combatting the skills gap that the organisation is currently missing out on
  • Being proud to say that they promote and upskill from within
  • Creating a loyal workforce
  • Seeing an increase of drive an productivity in employees

So, are you ready to invest in your team?

Whether you are still in the early stages of starting up your business, looking to upskill existing staff, or simply looking to add to your existing marketing team – hiring a Digital Marketing Apprentice is a great way to start.

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