Covid-19 Apprenticeships Info

Next Step apprenticeships will continue to support you to complete your qualifications.

We are offering full teaching support via online, visits to your workplace, email and telephone

Have you been furloughed whilst on an apprenticeship?

A furloughed employee can take part in temporary work, training or volunteering, as long as they do not provide services to, or generate revenue for, or on behalf of your employer. The same rule applies to apprentices.

During an extended period of furlough, apprentices may feel isolated from their colleagues. Continuing with your apprenticeship can provide a vital sense of community and purpose, and we are offering a range of interactive online learning experiences on a one to one basis to help support you through these difficult times

Have you been made redundant?

If you are made redundant, the government will support you with finding alternative employment and continuing your apprenticeship. You will be given a planned break of up to 12 weeks.

Next Step Apprenticeships will support you through this process to ensure we find you a new employer as quickly as possible


"From Day one Next Step Apprenticeships were professional, informative and organised which is what I needed when I approached the Directors to get our up-skilling project up and running."

"Next Step Apprenticeships have been fantastic, with nothing left to chance and everyone knowing what to expect next. I would highly recommend them, so much so that we have just asked them to find us another apprentice."

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